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Carlisle Tires

Multi-Trac C/S

Carlisle Multi Trac C/S 

Multi Trac C/S Sizes:

Size Ply Rating Weight Part# Price Buy
18x7.00-8 4-Ply 9 T574351 $54.29 Buy
18x8.50-8 8-Ply 14 T574365 $77.65 Buy
18x9.50-8 6-Ply 12 T574399 $77.97 Buy
20x8.00-8  2-Ply   11 T574359 $62.28 Buy


4-Ply 10 T5743U1 $66.19 Buy
18x10.50-10  4-Ply   13 T5743E5 $69.29 Buy


18 T5743C2 $101.28 Buy


19 T574372 $93.21 Buy
23x9.50-12 4-Ply 16 T574329 $84.55 Buy
23x10.5-12  6-Ply   22 T574353 $111.63 Buy
25x11.00-12 4-Ply 22 T574369 $105.01 Buy
26x12.00-12  4-Ply   26 T574361 $111.24 Buy
26x12.00-12  6-Ply   30 T574377 $131.03 Buy
24x8.50-14  4-Ply   18 T574324 $111.24 Buy
25x8.50-14 4-Ply   20 T574339 $114.35 Buy
25x8.50-14  6-Ply   24 T574371 $159.37 Buy
27x8.50-15  4-Ply   26 T574348 $161.71 Buy
27x8.50-15  6-Ply   26 T574356 $198.95 Buy
27x10.50-15  4-Ply   30 T5743H6 $203.31 Buy
29x12.50-15 10-Ply 39 T560478 $227.09 Buy
31x13.50-15 4-Ply 46 T560362 244.56 Buy


4-Ply will be substituted for 2-Ply when 2-Ply in the same size is not available unless application requires 2-Ply only. (Customer may override requirement or request 2-Ply only in comment line of order . 2-Ply Product will be shipped when available).

 For more info on the Multi Trac CS and other models, check here: Carlisle Tire Web Site



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