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Dunlop D404

D404 Bias

bulletAn all-around good-performing tire available in many sizes to fit a wide variety of standard, cruiser and older bikes.
bulletTread compound delivers impressive balance of mileage and grip.
bulletFront and rear tread patterns designed for outstanding water evacuation and wet grip.
bulletBias-ply construction designed to deliver a smooth ride for maximum comfort.
bulletOffset center groove for excellent straight-line stability.
bulletDunlop performance in a great value package.


D404 Fronts

Dunlop D404 Front




Part #

Price Buy
130/90H16 BW 13 T32KY40 $97.96 Buy
150/80H16 BW 17 T32KY91 $135.08 Buy
150/80H16 WWW 19 T32NM91 $148.21 Buy
120/90H17 BW 12 T32KY35 $91.61 Buy
140/80H17 BW 17 T401687 $113.86 Buy
140/80H17 WWW 17 T417487 $152.81 Buy
150/80H17 BW 18 T401592 $119.85 Buy
100/90H18 BW 11 T32NK24 $75.06 Buy
110/90H18 BW 11 T32NK29 $79.28 Buy
120/90H18 BW 13 T32NK35 $96.58 Buy
130/70H18 BW 13 T32NK78 $123.86 Buy
100/90H19 BW 11 T32NK32 $81.04 Buy
110/90H19 BW 13 T32NK31 $97.81 Buy
80/90H21 BW 7 T32NK07 $81.04 Buy

D404 Rears

Dunlop D404 Rear




Part #

Price Buy
130/90H15 BW 14 T32NK39 $91.76 Buy
140/90H15 BW 16 T32NK45 $106.20 Buy
150/90H15 BW 16 T32NI50 $125.39 Buy
150/90H15 WWW 22 T32NM50 $140.12 Buy
170/80H15 BW 19 T32NK98 $136.26 Buy
130/90H16 BW 17 T32NK38 $93.07 Buy
140/90H16 BW 17 T32NK46 $114.08 Buy
150/80H16 BW 19 T32NK80 $121.45 Buy
130/90H17 BW 15 T32NK41 $100.88 Buy
110/90H18 BW 11 T32NK30 $91.25 Buy
120/90H18 BW 11 T32NK36 $100.15 Buy

For more info on the D404 and other models, check their website: 

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