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Mud Lite AT, Mud Lite XL, SP & XTR



ITP-Mud-Lite  ITP-Mud-Lite XL

bulletXL - 1 1/8" lug: Front: 25x8-12, 26x9-12, 26x10-12, 27x9-12, 27x10-12, 27x10-14, 28x10-12. Rear: 25x12-11, 25x10-12, 25x12-12, 26x12-12, 27x12-12, 27x12-14, 28x12-12
bulletAT - 3/4" lug: Front: 22x8-10, 23x8-10, 23x8-11, 24x8-11, 24x8-12, 25x8-11, 25x8-12; Rear: 22x11-8, 22x11-9, 22x11-10, 23x10-10, 24x11-10, 24x9-11, 24x10-11, 25x11-10, 25x12-9, 25x10-11, 25x10-12, 27x12-10
bulletRevolutionary all-conditions tire: It's a 6-ply mud tire that's designed for the trail, a trail tire that slings mud with the best of them
bulletCutting-edge technology, all-around performance and long-distance durability come together in one unbeatable, affordable package
bulletUnique center tread contact area provides a smooth, radial-like ride


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  Part #

Suggested Retail Price Buy
22x11-8 AT R 15 TML56A387 $120.85 Buy
22x11-9 AT R 20 TML56A388 $122.60 Buy
25x12-9 AT R 20 TML56A373 $137.56 Buy
22x8-10 AT F 14 TML56A3A8 $101.44 Buy
22x11-10 AT R 17 TML56A3A5 $125.96 Buy
23x8-10 AT F 14 TML56A326 $106.03 Buy
23x10-10 AT R 18 TML56A327 $118.53 Buy
24x11-10 AT R 20 TML56A305 $126.10 Buy
25x11-10 AT R 21 TML56A308 $136.87 Buy
23x8-11 AT F 15 TML56A304 $104.73 Buy
24x8-11 AT F/R 15 TML56A332 $109.34 Buy
24x9-11 AT F/R 16 TML56A3A9 $118.01 Buy
24x10-11 AT R 19 TML56A328 $128.56 Buy
25x8-11 AT F 18 TML56A320 $127.47 Buy
25x10-11 AT R 20 TML56A322 $134.95 Buy
25x8-12   AT F 22 TML56A306 $105.84 Buy
25x10-12 AT F/R 24 TML56A321 $125.75 Buy
25x8-12 XL F/R 24 TML560363 $123.05 Buy
25x10-12 XL F/R 29 TML560364 $147.19 Buy
25x12-11 XL F/R 26 TML560431 $166.31 Buy
25x12-12 XL F/R 26 TML560432 $159.10 Buy
26x9-12 XL F 22 TML56A3P6 $147.38 Buy
26x10-12 XL F/R 22 TML56A343 $145.15 Buy
26x12-12 XL R 27 TML56A361 $163.17 Buy
27x9-12 XL F 25 TML56A380 $161.63 Buy
27x10-12 XL F/R 26 TML56A345 $171.90 Buy
27x12-12 XL R 28 TML56A347 $179.92 Buy
28x10-12 XL F/R 27 TML56A349 $190.39 Buy
28x12-12 XL R 30 TML56A350 $203.38 Buy
27x10-14 XL F/R 28 TML560455 $184.07 Buy
27x12-14 XL R 31 TML560456 $191.90 Buy





Same tread as regular Mud Lite only lower profile designed for sport machines


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Part #

Suggested Retail Price Buy
20x11-9 R 19 TML560428 $133.63 Buy
22x7-10 F 14 TML560429 $120.56 Buy





bulletCombines the award-winning technology of our Mud Lite and 589 M/S to produce the smoothest riding mud tire on the market today
bulletSuper-aggressive tread design features 1 1/8-in. deep, angled, grooved lugs to achieve an exceptional level of traction.
bulletLight in weight yet still 6-ply tough
bulletTwo diameters provide you with the ability to tailor a tire choice to your specific riding requirements. The 12-inch option is ideal for primarily muddy conditions, offering better flex and more flotation. The revolutionary 14-inch model is an excellent all-around trail/mud choice, with its lower-profile sidewall resulting in reduced flex and a dramatic improvement in handling and rider confidence
bulletRadial construction means the Mud Lite XTR rides smoothly and finds more traction than a bias-ply tire because of a larger contact patch. A radial tire's footprint actually grows under load


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Part #

Suggested Retail Price Buy
25x8R-12  F/R 23 T560398 $192.44 Buy
25x10R-12  F/R 28 T560399 $214.50 Buy
26x9R-12  F 27 T560387 $206.98 Buy
26x11R-12  R 33 T560388 $231.14 Buy
27x9R-12  F 28 T560378 $255.72 Buy
27x11R-12  R 35 T560379 $247.78 Buy
27x9R-14  F 27 T560373 $237.81 Buy
27x11R-14  R 33 T560372 $257.70 Buy




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