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Vredestein Tires

Ultrac Vorti

Ultrac Vorti

The Ultrac Vorti is an Ultra High Performance tyre in the absolute top segment of the market. The tyre was developed in close collaboration with the Italian design company Giugiaro, and its slimline design and asymmetric profile give this tyre an extremely sporty and unique appearance. The tyre excels in terms of grip, handling, comfort and braking behaviour on both dry and wet road surfaces. By making use of innovative technologies, the tyre is also surprisingly quiet. The Ultrac Vorti is also available in rear axle sizes with an adapted profile and specially-tailored structure, especially for sports cars that have different tyre sizes on the front and rear axle. Due to the fact that it is the front tyres that dissipate the majority of the water when the road surface is wet, the focus for the rear tyres was on increased grip and stability.


Features Benefits
Tread design and edge design by Giugiaro Improved unique sporty appearance
Specific rear axle tyres with wide longitudinal strips with additional narrow longitudinal grooves Optimised balance between front and rear axle for even better grip
Full Silica Compound (OSP) Increased grip and improved handling on wet and dry road surfaces
Flexible points in the middle section of the tread Low rolling resistance and improved braking distance on wet road surfaces
Optimised wide tread pattern Low noise
Wide longitudinal grooves Excellent water drainage
4-radii contour Excellent grip and handling, together with even wear


Please Call for availability

Code Dim. / Size Description Index

Selling Price

V0901 225 40 ZR 18 Ultrac Vorti XL 92 Y $199.75 Call
V0902 235 40 ZR 19 Ultrac Vorti XL 96 Y $246.00 Call
V0903 235 35 ZR 19 Ultrac Vorti XL 91 Y $231.00 Call
V0904 255 35 ZR 19 Ultrac Vorti XL 96 Y $244.50 Call
V0905 285 30 ZR 19 Ultrac Vorti XL 98 Y $270.00 Call
V0906 245 35 ZR 20 Ultrac Vorti XL 95 Y $231.00 Call
V0907 255 35 ZR 20 Ultrac Vorti XL 97 Y $235.50 Call
V0908 275 35 ZR 20 Ultrac Vorti XL 102 Y $268.50 Call
V0909 285 35 ZR 20 Ultrac Vorti XL 104 Y $279.00 Call
V0910 275 30 ZR 20 Ultrac Vorti XL 97 Y $276.00 Call
V0911 295 30 ZR 20 Ultrac Vorti XL 101 Y $297.00 Call





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