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Vredestein Tires


Vredestein Comtrac 

Speed, safety and durability, and let's not forget, comfort. This is what summarises the key qualities of Comtrac, the new Vredestein van tyre. Comtrac was developed by Vredestein for the demand for tyres which combine the usual features of passenger cars with the efficiency of commercial vehicles. The exceptional carcass structure incorporating a steel reinforcement strip ensures that the tyre is well equipped for heavy-duty work. What's more, Comtrac not only performs much better, but it also offers excellent comfort and safety. The Vredestein Comtrac - a reliable, durable tyre with a modern look.

Robust tyre shoulder tread pattern and   
jagged contours
Long life
Two circumferential grooves,  
tread depth = 11 mm  
Increased resistance to aquaplaning
Exceptional carcass structure incorporating   
a steel reinforcement strip in tyre beading
Excellent handling properties
Tread A silent van tyre
Sidewall design An upgrading of the van
Speed symbol R = 170 km/h

Style "C"= reinforced commercial construction

Please call for avaiability

Code Dim. / Size Description Index Selling Price  Please Call
V5000 175 80 R 14C Comtrac (disc) 99 R $114.76 Call
V5001 185 80 R 14C Comtrac (disc) 102 R $119.18 Call
V5002 195 80 R 14C Comtrac (disc) 106 R $130.69 Call
V5011 195 70 R 15C Comtrac 104 R $146.03 Call
V5018 205 70 R 15C Comtrac 106 R $152.81 Call
V5012 215 70 R 15C Comtrac 109 R $156.94 Call
V5013 225 70 R 15C Comtrac 112 R $161.07 Call
V5044 205 65 R 15C Comtrac 102 T $159.30 Call
V5006 185 75 R 16C Comtrac 104 R $154.29 Call
V5007 195 75 R 16C Comtrac 107 R $156.06 Call
V5019 205 75 R 16C Comtrac 110 R $175.82 Call
V5008 215 75 R 16C Comtrac 113 R $200.01 Call
V5016 195 65 R 16C Comtrac 104 R $168.74 Call
V5042 205 65 R 16C Comtrac 107 T $182.90 Call
V5043 215 65 R 16C Comtrac 109 T $194.41 Call
V5017 225 65 R 16C Comtrac 112 R $230.69 Call
V5045 235 65 R 16C Comtrac 115 R $259.31 Call
V5046 215 60 R 16C Comtrac 108 T $196.18 Call





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