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Vredestein Tires


Vredestein Hi-Trac

Thanks to its unique tread construction, the Hi-Trac can justifiably be called a rain tyre. A modern design includes the various V-shaped angled grooves, which in combination with the two sturdy circum-ferential grooves ensure fast water disposal. The Hi-Trac's tread compound contains High Silica Solution IV, offering optimal braking capacity and maximum grip on both wet and winding roads.
The Hi-Trac is gifted with a renowned and successful Vredestein concept: the Off Centre Directional Profile. Both the amount of rubber and the Constant Air Ratio are exactly the same on both sides of the tyre.
The Off Centre Directional Profile and the rounded tips of the central tread blocks ensure that the Hi-Trac is a remarkably quiet tyre.

Unique tread construction    
* many V-shaped angled grooves   
* two robust circumferential grooves
Maximum water disposal and an exceptional grip on wet roads
High Silica Solution IV in the tread compound Optimal grip on wet roads and a low rolling resistance which gives fuel economy
* Off Centre Directional Profile   
* Rounded tips of the central tread blocks
A quiet and comfortable tyre
Modern appearance A sporty look: the ideal combination of safety and design
Air-tight innerliner Reduced air loss, longer life-span, fuel savings

Please call for availability

Code Dim. / Size Description Index

 Selling Price

V1525 175 70 R 14 Hi-Trac 2 XL 88 H $80.64 Call
V1526 195 70 R 14 Hi-Trac 2   91 H $90.93 Call
V1527 175 65 R 14 Hi-Trac 2   82 H $84.71 Call
V1528 185 65 R 14 Hi-Trac 2   86 H $93.08 Call
V1529 185 60 R 14 Hi-Trac 2   82 H $90.93 Call
V1530 195 60 R 14 Hi-Trac 2   86 H $92.36 Call
V1531 185 65 R 15 Hi-Trac 2   88 H $97.15 Call
V1532 195 65 R 15 Hi-Trac 2   91 H $100.50 Call
V1533 205 65 R 15 Hi-Trac 2   94 H $110.07 Call
V1534 195 60 R 15 Hi-Trac 2   88 H $102.89 Call
V1535 205 60 R 15 Hi-Trac 2   91 H $107.68 Call
V1536 195 55 R 15 Hi-Trac 2   85 H $127.30 Call
V1537 205 60 R 16 Hi-Trac 2   92 H $112.46 Call
V1538 205 55 R 16 Hi-Trac 2   91 H $129.21 Call



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