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Vredestein Tires

Ultrac Sessanta SUV

Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta SUV Tire Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta SUV Tire 


The Vredestein Ultrac SUV Sessanta is an uncompromising SUV tyre for the Ultra High Performance (UHP) segment. Based on the strong points of the Ultrac Sessanta, the Ultrac SUV Sessanta is equipped with an extra wide tread. This ensures better road holding and greater stability, whilst maintaining a high level of comfort. The Ultrac SUV Sessanta features a double rayon carcass layer and a strong belt. These give the tyre a higher load capacity, making it ideal for the heavier SUV cars. Tread pattern and sidewall have been created by Giugiaro Design giving the tyre a unique, contemporary look.




Load Index/Speed Rating

Part #




235/65R17 XL/BW 108 V TV0801 $167.09 32 Buy
255/55R18 XL/BW 109 W TV0802 $198.08 34 Buy
255/55R19 XL/BW 111 W TV0812 $218.59 35 Buy
255/50R19 XL/BW 107 W TV0803 $236.18 33 Buy
275/45R19 XL/BW 108 Y TV0804 $253.35 34 Buy
285/45R19 BW 107 W TV0805 $264.24 35 Buy
255/50R20 XL/BW 109 W TV0806 $246.25 35 Buy
265/45R20 XL/BW 108 Y TV0813 $263.75 26 Buy
275/45R20 XL/BW 110 Y TV0807 $255.00 35 Buy
275/40R20 XL/BW 106 Y TV0808 $242.50 33 Buy
315/35R20 XL/BW 110 Y TV0809 $268.75 36 Buy
295/35R21 XL/BW 107 Y TV0817 $317.50 35 Buy
265/35R22 XL/BW 102 Y TV0810 $245.63 33 Buy
305/35R22 XL/BW 110 Y TV0814 $292.50 35 Buy
295/30R22 XL/BW 103 Y TV0811 $272.50 35 Buy
315/30R22 XL/BW 107 Y TV0816 $311.25 36 Buy
305/35R24 XL/BW 112 Y TV0815 $283.75 37 Buy




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