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Vredestein Tire

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We stock a huge selection of Vredestein tire specialty tires including classic tires, vintage tires, performance tires and snow tires. Silica tread compound and innovative European technology makes Vredestein tire a world-class choice for any car. Vredestein tire will give you the ultimate in control, traction and handling while maintaining a very smooth comfortable ride. So whether you own a brand new performance automobile like Volvo, Audi or Jaguar... or a classic or vintage MG, Triumph or Volkswagen, we have a tire solution for you.


Tire Models


All Season

Quatrac 3 Quatrac 3 SUV

Quatrac 2


Classic / Vintage

Sprint Classic Sprint +


Summer / Performance

Ultrac Sessanta  

Ultrac Sessanta SUV



Sportrac 3



Sportrac 5


Ultrac Cento



Ultrac Vorti




Arctrac SUV



Snowtrac 3



Wintrac Extreme


Wintrac 4 Extreme SUV


Commercial Van / Light Truck

Comtrac Comtrac Winter
Comtrac All Season Comtrac Ice



Safety is the number one priority at Vredestein tire. We realize only too well that the safety levels of our tires can be a matter of life and death in critical situations. That is why the entire development and production process is geared to that end.


Classic Tires and Vintage Tires

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